Access Technologies provides affordable on-demand remote IT network tech support for your desktop users with NEDdesktop. NEDdesktop allows you to immediately contact NED Support online for assistance with your technology network.

NEDdesktop Support Features Include:

  • Remote Diagnostic Capabilities. A NED Support analyst can download a remote diagnostics of your computer to assist in discovering technical problem origins to speed up the recovery process.
  • A NED Support analyst can transfer files between your computer and theirs to aid in the support call.
  • All support calls are recorded, and all NEDdesktop chat sessions are saved for future reference.
  • NED can accommodate Application Specific support in addition to general desktop inquiries.
  • Customers can connect to the support center, receive support, and then continue working almost immediately.

Benefits NEDdesktop can provide for your business:

  • Decrease the need for on-site support
  • Shorten call times and reduce repeat calls for the same issue
  • Diagnose and resolve problems faster via remote screen sharing
  • Optimize your users' efforts towards their core responsibilities.


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