NEDmanage provides IT+ network infrastructure monitoring, alerting, and reporting services.

NEDmanage provides customers with the people and resources they need to better their IT network infrastructure and initiatives. Access Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of NED Managed Services that enable you to optimize your infrastructure and reduce your overall resource costs. Turn to NED for the network monitoring services your organization needs to more quickly troubleshoot and fix network issues before they hurt your business.

NEDmanage Complete Monitoring Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Network Coverage.
    • NED can monitor access and response times for all network devices, applications, and service ports- anything that can affect service quality.
  • Sophisticated Reporting.
    • NED makes it easy to leverage the monitoring data gathered to deliver valuable and timely insights, featuring flexible graphical dashboards and performance and SLA reporting. NED can provide the online dashboards and intuitive reports that provide real-time visibility of all vital performance metrics.
  • Proactive Alerts and 24/7 Coverage.
    • With dedicated experts and sophisticated marketing tools that feature automated alerting and escalation, NED can provide 24/7 network monitoring coverage- so your business can ensure its network is up and optimized around the clock.
  • Network Topology Creation.
    • NED can provide an extensive and current topology- delivering intuitive, visual diagrams of your entire IP network; including layer 2 and 3 traffic.
  • Advanced Root-Cause Analysis.
    • NED provides sophisticated root-cause analysis capabilities that enable fast detection of the source of a network issue, and that eliminate the false alarms that may otherwise result from devices "down-stream" from a downed system.

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